Electronics for security service

The Security Department of E.B. elettronica is the answer to the rising request of control in wide spaces where people meet and exchanges and transations are made. This is the reason why this new internet user service was created. This web site was created to help defend, control and protect.

Here you will find a selected set of items among the most successful and tecnologically advanced that you can find on the market. You can apply these to all circumstances in which people, things and means of control become necessary.
The purpose is the security in pubblic and private places. Security against crimes; security in workplaces; industrial security. But also domestic, street, nautical and transport security.

Vehicular mirrors, anti-snatch systems, food-processing industry detector, walk-through metal detectors to monotor entrance , palmar metal detectors and objects checking are the main articles in stock to E.B. elettronica. All these articles have been selected among the best on the market.

Our high-qualified staff is available to help you choose the most suitable system through professional advice and specialized technical assistance.
E.B. elettronica offers you the opportunity to rent walk-through metal detectors and guarantees for the installation in every circumstance with an especially provided team of technicians to answer the rising control and security requirements.

E.B. elettronica organizes training courses to make the best use of the most complex instruments.

email: sicurezza@elettronica.it